Queen CCTV leak holds no fears for quality Tensor security products

A draft of the Queen's speech, which outlines what will happen in a new session of parliament, was leaked to newspapers, including plans to review the use of CCTV, among other reforms. The package is contained within a great repeals bill, also known as the freedom bill, to be introduced to Parliament before the summer recess.

This bill, which will be steered by deputy prime minister and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, would also shut down children’s database ContactPoint, reduce the extent of the National DNA Database in England and Wales, and restrict the storage of internet records. The new session at Westminster is thought to last about 18 months, until late autumn 2011.

Customers having doubts over the use of CCTV can be rest assured that Tensor is a company you can totally trust as it is accredited and committed to excellence. Not only are we the top supplier and installation contractor of digital CCTV systems in the UK, we are also unsurpassed in our commitment to offer first class user support and maintenance for all installed equipment and software.

Because we install digital CCTV systems, image quality is so superior to outdated analogue footage. By providing cameras manufactured by the top suppliers you can be confident in your choices that we will deliver unrivalled service and image performance, as your surveillance set up will be made to order.

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