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Paper wastage is still a huge problem even in 2019. According to research shown on statistics website Statista, the UK in total uses over 8.6 million tons of paper a year. On average, office workers use 10,000 individual sheets of paper in a year.

Common areas which still use paper include contracts, purchase orders and accounting matters, as well as signing in and out of the building.

Common disadvantages of paper

Easily misplaced. Piles of paper are an inevitability in all but the most organised of in-trays, and documents can get lost and forgotten about in the mess.

Easily damaged. How many times have you torn a document, or spilt a drink over it and had to print out another copy?

Slow and inefficient. Take as an example the frustrating experience of printing out a document and chasing all over the office for the specific senior staff member who needs to physically write their signature on your bit of paper. You may then need to photocopy that paper for your records.

Inaccurate. While inaccuracy is not a built-in feature of paper documentation, correcting errors on a printed document invariably leads to more paper wastage. Anything which is filled in by hand, such as timesheets or visitor books, is prone to difficult-to-correct human errors.

Benefits of going paperless

Reduces costs. After the initial outlay for a computerised system, the savings can quickly start mounting. Tasks will take less time, which may mean that you can reassign staff to other duties, or even eliminate roles altogether. Overtime may decrease, for the same reason. This is particularly relevant in areas such as payroll. There will also be a very noticeable decrease in printing and photocopying costs: paper, ink, electricity.

More productive. Without wasting time on printing documents (often many times), or physically filing them, or getting them photocopied, or hunting through crowded in-trays, staff will have much more time free in their day to get their tasks completed. They may also get a morale boost from losing the monotonous task.

GDPR-compliant. It may have come into force almost a year ago, but it is wise not to forget about these regulations! A computerised system can help you to manage, retain and dispose of your data in a thorough, organised and accurately recorded way that meets the requirements of the GDPR. For example, it is much easier to restrict access to data on a system than it is to restrict access to a filing cabinet.

Reduce errors. Human error is the weakest point of any process, and with manual systems there are often too many humans involved with data input for accuracy to be trusted. This is most important in staff roles which are very heavy on data entry, as it is all too easy for eyes to get tired and skim to the wrong row, or to misread that 0 as a O.

Tensor’s biometric and smartcard system streamlines your attendance procedures

As a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of time and attendance systems, as well as access control and energy monitoring systems, we believe that the benefits of switching to an automated time and attendance system are worth it for almost any size of business. We can provide our products and services for businesses with more than 10 employees, with no upper limit.

Moving attendance data from manual to automated is hugely beneficial for everyone involved.

Our WINTA.NET system accurately captures the clocking data of registered staff and sends the data straight to the centralised system, where it can be checked by supervisors, accessed by HR for the creation of absence/lateness reports, or exported straight to all leading payroll software.

Our products use either contactless radio-frequency ID smartcards or fingerprint biometrics in order to register employees.

With this system, there is no more need for staff to deal with paper timesheets, or to rely on a manager’s memory of their absence record.

The system also has a wide range of features not directly related to the benefits of going paperless, and can integrate with our access control and CCTV products. For more information, please contact us on 01480 215530 or

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