Reliable gates ideal for controlling vehicle access to and from a site

Suspected criminals openly dealing in black market scrap and outlining their techniques in evading the police are just some practices which have been exposed. British Transport Police (BTP) co-operated with the BBC in an undercover deal involving stolen BT cable. Det Sgt Chris Hearne from BTP commented on when a buyer wanted BT details erased on the cable: “The fact he wants you to get rid of identification to me is showing he is acting in an inappropriate manner that is bordering on being criminal.”

Large exterior locations such as yards and depots are difficult to monitor and keep secure from theft. Tensor’s range of high quality, durable gates offer reliable performance in the most demanding environments. Ideal for controlling vehicle access to and from your site, Tensor’s gates are quick to respond to the user’s instructions. Along with car park barriers and CCTV surveillance cameras, this is the number one solution for controlling vehicle access to your site’s road entry points.

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