Remember to change business smart card clocking networks to GMT

Greenwich Mean Time starts at 2am on Sunday, October 28, 2012. That means your firm has just over one week to adjust your Tensor network. Please check your WinTA Lite, WinTA Enterprise, WinTA Access Enterprise, WinTA 16, WinTA CS or Tensor.NET systems to make sure that this information is correctly entered, as this will affect the time shown on your smart card clocking stations.

It is straightforward to change the BST or GMT times on a Tensor system. If your business does have difficulty, remember that for those needing personal support or advice, please contact the Tensor Helpdesk by telephone on 01480 211594, or by fax on 01480 213734 or by email at Or just click here. Helpdesk support is free to customers with current maintenance contracts or those whose systems are still under warranty. For others, they can either sign up to a maintenance agreement now, or receive advice on a pay-as-you-go basis using a credit card.

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