Remote management of your site security CCTV network is possible through software

British Transport Police (BTP) has implemented extra protection for railway sites, including helicopter surveillance and CCTV. The increase is due to a rise in thefts of copper and other metals. The BTP has set up a dedicated task force with increased patrols, working in partnership with other interested bodies. Assistant Chief Constable Alan Pacey said: "We are working to tackle the issue and in the past few months have seen significant jail sentences handed down to cable thieves put before the courts.”

Tensor has security products for any office or depot, whether manned or remote, and CCTV is ideal for monitoring out-of-the-way sites. One of the main features of our CCTV systems is that they are integrated to work with a standard PC monitor. This has been achieved through the development of sophisticated CCTV software. Remote management of your CCTV network via LAN, WAN, or the internet is also possible through the CCTV software. Historical footage can be viewed remotely, and DVR set-up parameters can be configured.

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