Remote working is becoming less popular, fresh research reveals

Remote Workers Module

Personnel management systems that combine dedicated features for office and remote working management are likely to become increasingly popular as remote working is starting to become a less popular option for workers, according to recent research by the British Council for Offices (BCO) and Savills.

Their poll of more than 1,100 British office workers, titled What Workers Want, has revealed that less than a third of workers would choose to work from home, a figure that has dropped from 45% in 2013. This is despite significant technological developments in this time that have made working remotely easier, cheaper and more seamless.

Furthermore, 60% of the workers would prefer to work from a dedicated desk space, while 4% would opt to hot desk, and less than one in 10 spend more than five days a month working from home.

The main reason behind this trend seems to be the fact that the office still provides an invaluable forum for colleagues to interact and share ideas. However, the study also found that most employers would probably like to opt for a flexible hybrid system that suits their specific needs. This could mean something as simple as providing flexible shared working spaces and break-out areas within the office (almost half of employees see having access to space to collaborate as “essential” when it comes to considering where they work from).

Tensor.NET platform seamlessly blends office and remote working management features

Designed as a mobile extension of the Tensor.NET Time and Attendance System, the Mobile Self Service Module allows iPhone owners to Clock IN and OUT at their respective workplaces, as well as requesting a period of absence, viewing remaining leave entitlements, recent clocking history and current flexitime balance.

Additionally, users opting for remote working will be able to easily book ON or OFF production jobs, and also receive notifications when requests are approved or rejected.

On the other hand, supervisors will be able to easily subordinate work colleague’s time sheets and approve or deny their absence requests. The management of requests is made easy with the aid of a consolidated calendar showing the absence of all subordinate employees.

The office and remote working management module also supports role based security, meaning that you can easily choose which combination of features employees will have access to. Disabled features, such as the ability to view flexitime, will simply not appear at all.

If you’d like to find out more about the Tensor Mobile Self Service Module and its functionality, just contact our dedicated product team or Book a Demo, one of our representatives will be more than happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

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