Remote working statistics show why it’s time to invest in a Time and Attendance system

Remote working

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in a variety of ways, one significant impact was remote working. The Office for National Statistics reported that in April 2020 46.6% of employees worked from home. This triggered a remote working boom after lockdown with statistics showing hybrid working rose by 24% in May 2022.

This evidence suggests that hybrid working might continue to increase, making it difficult for businesses to manage the time and attendance of their workforce.

Fortunately, a British manufacturing company called Tensor plc specialises in this type of technology. Tensor Time and Attendance systems are automated systems used to track and manage employee work hours.

Tensor’s Self Service Module (SSM) allows enrolled employees to clock in or out themselves from anywhere. This system helps businesses to efficiently monitor their staff’s working hours.

Little Amber Fish is a global wholesale distributor of a range of media products, including Vinyl Records, CD’s and DVD’s. To better manage their staff, they decided to install an Access Control System and a Time and Attendance System.

Financial Controller at Little Amber Fish, Hamit Mehmet said, “The system is easy-to-use, the installation went well and the software is very user friendly.

“It’s also helpful when staff want to leave early and tell me that they want to make the time up another day because I can easily monitor that” he added.

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