Retail surveillance network uses compression tech for highest picture quality

A recent survey showed that almost half of UK retailers see their IT department as the key to gaining full benefit from IP (Internet Protocol) surveillance. It comes on the heels of an earlier report that said 60 per cent of retailers think CCTV has had a direct effect in reducing theft. The survey, conducted by the Centre for Retail Research, reported that retailers understood that networked surveillance systems could be used for more than theft prevention when combined with business intelligence systems.

Tensor networked surveillance systems can be integrated with the rest of a retail or commercial access control security set-up. CCTV combined with movement monitoring and an entry point controlled smart card access control network with optional biometrics means your property is comprehensively protected. Tensor technology is IP enabled, and our Digital CCTV Camera and Recording Systems are PC based, multi channel video surveillance systems that use the most advanced compression technologies to bring the highest picture quality and video performance.

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