Retail, travel and hospitality industries could benefit the most from deploying facial recognition solutions

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is one of the fastest-growing segments of the security and surveillance sector, and could bring about significant benefits for a number of industrial segments, such as retail, travel and hospitality, among others.

In the retail segment, facial recognition systems can provide employees with shopper preferences and demographic information upon arrival, allowing retailers to customize the shopping experience through special deals or recognition of loyalty to a store or brand. For retailers, facial recognition can also supply rich demographic information, which, in turn, can improve the design and functionality of their retail outlets.

Facial recognition could also have a significant impact on the hospitality industry, where it could be potentially used for streamlining the check-in processes, on-property payments for restaurants and amenities and to improve functionality and security at room entrance.

The implementation of these cutting-edge biometric technologies will allow even smaller hotels to provide superior, personalized services around the clock, for guests arriving outside of regular business hours.

The travel and events industry is also in line to benefit, with multiple industry players already considering integrating facial recognition technology into the boarding process, leading to reduced lines, improved speed from check-in to departure gate, and decreased need for excessive staff.

As for live events, their level of security would certainly be boosted by using portable facial recognition solutions (such as Tensor’s own RDK solution), not to mention that the technology could be used to reduce waiting times and checks at the gates.

Tensor – suppliers and installers of high-end facial recognition systems

Tensor’s facial recognition solution is perfect for video surveillance and tracking, access control, and commercial marketing management.

The system can dynamically compare images of individuals from incoming video streams, of varying quality, against specific databases and send immediate alerts when positive matches occur. It also quickly manages real-time multi-recognition of faces in highly crowded environments.

The software has an amazingly high level of accuracy and is even able to analyse the 8K resolutions generated by the most high-end CCTV surveillance cameras. Its smart technology has in-built data analytics; detecting and estimating gender, age ranges and ethnicity – there will be more to follow later. The application is also able to conduct 35 million comparisons per second, making it the fastest system in the world.

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