Safety conscious technology prints a report in the event of fire at work

More than 20 firefighters battled a rush hour blaze at a south coast cemetery yesterday (April 11, 2012). The crews were called just before 5.30pm, and arrived at the scene in just three minutes at the cemetery in Weymouth. It is understood that a structural engineer has been called in to assess the damage at a chapel which has been gutted. Nearby residents were advised to close windows due to the plume of smoke caused by the fire.

Tensor is the number one choice for any safety-conscious employer as our security and Time and Attendance technology can be integrated with fire roll call software. The clever PC based network will automatically generate a report in the event of a fire or other emergency situation. As your workers assemble at their fire roll call points, they use their proximity read smart cards or key fobs to record their presence. If employees have not brought their cards, they can be checked off manually using the report.

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