Salary management system includes four different pay bands in each shift

Downing Street said it will not interfere with the bonuses of other Royal Bank of Scotland executives, after RBS chief executive Stephen Hester declined his award of £963,000 in shares. Mr Hester waived the 3.6 million shares package, which is his performance bonus for 2010, amid a storm of political protest on Sunday. A government spokeswoman told the BBC: “We are not going to micro-manage bonuses. They [the bank] are doing a good job and making good progress.”

Beginning from the basic WinTA Start package, Tensor offers a complete smart card-operated Time and Attendance system including all the features to manage salaries, hours and bonuses. Comprehensive user-definable working patterns, rosters and shifts can be swiftly set up by the software. Overtime is easily monitored with up to four different pay bands in each shift. Bands are selected based on the time and the number of hours worked. Periodic Overtime is used to calculate overtime on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

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