Save Time and Money with a Biometric Time and Attendance System


Biometric time and attendance systems are becoming increasingly important as they can help businesses save a lot of time and money, especially when dealing with employees being paid on an hourly basis, a recent report has revealed.

The core of the biometric time and attendance system is a biometrics-enabled clocking unit that relies on measurements of physical characteristics such as fingerprints, facial shape, iris, or eye shape, or even a vocal sample to log an employee into the timekeeping system and record their attendance. The scan or sample matches an existing record in the database, ensuring that only your employees have access to the system – if the scan doesn’t match an existing record, access will be denied.

The most common type of biometric time clock is a fingerprint scanner. The device scans a fingerprint and matches it to a stored image in its database. Some other scanners will process this image differently, creating a string of code based on characteristics of the fingerprint and keeping the code on file instead of the image of the print.

Using a biometric clocking unit offers a number of advantages, including reducing time theft (buddy punching), improving security (only authorized members of staff are allowed on the premises), streamlining the clocking-in process (no passwords or pin codes to remember or cards to present), saving time and improving accuracy.

Tensor Biometric Time and Attendance Systems can help Prevent Payroll Fraud

Biometric time and attendance systems are the future in the field of workforce management and access control, whether we’re talking about a person gaining access to their physical workplace or to the files stored on their computer. In fact, one could argue that the range of applications for biometric systems is only limited by the product developer’s imagination (and, of course, actual market demand).

The Tensor T32xx Biometric Clocking Unit is the best example of a biometric-based access control/time and attendance solution that covers all the bases, offering a huge array of features and functions that will meet and exceed even the most demanding customer’s requirements.

The IP-enabled all-in-one workstation can be used both for access control and time and attendance purposes, but also adds a host of additional useful features, such as Job Booking, Job Costing, Labour Hours Analysis and Security Management including quality CCTV playback.

Moreover, the Tensor T32xx can also be equipped with GPS auto location, speech output, video and mobile phone support, helping customers increase security and eliminate fraudulent clocking (which, after all, is quite an important reason of concern for most companies out there).

Extra features that add even more value to the Tensor Biometric Clocking Unit include USB Flash Stick & SD/MMC Card Storage support and USB & Network Printer Support, as well as a user friendly, multilingual GUI (Graphical User Interface) and a battery backup + Local Fail-Safe Storage for power communications loss.

If you want to find out more about our biometric clocking units, our product team is always ready to answer all your queries.

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