Scan facility allows digital copies of company contractor identification documents

The Ministry of Justice confirmed that taxis are being used to ferry defendants to court by a security company. The prisoners have been going to trial via this unusual mode of transport because the system used by the firm Serco to arrange pick-up and drop-off points failed. Serco, which is paid £42 million per year by the Government to do the job, thus had to rely upon cab drivers around its patch of south and east England.

Tensor can supply Visitor Control and Monitoring or Prison Pass software and systems to both private companies and jails. The easy to install computer based pass system registers each visitor, both on and off site. The document scanning facility allows your organisation to make scanned digital copies of special identification documents, accreditations, licenses or insurance documentation provided by the visitor or contractor. Once recorded onto the system, these documents can be retrieved, viewed or recreated and printed on demand. This ensures the proper due diligence procedures have been followed.

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