Scanners using fingerprint identification provide Olympian security standards

Seen as a success at every level, the London 2012 Olympics came with piece of mind too, with no security scares. The London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) estimated that £514 million was spent on venue security. It was confirmed through official sources that the government remained committed to providing LOCOG funds for venue security, initially put down at £282m. The figures released on Tuesday revealed £480m in unused contingency cash from the public funding package.

An Olympian level of expense does not need to be spared when installing an effective security solution from Tensor at your premises. Biometrics is the technique of studying the physical characteristics of a person such as your fingerprint, hand geometry, eye structure or voice pattern. Scanners using biometric methods of identification for a ‘two-factor’ security authorisation of an individual can be added to a Tensor time and attendance or access control / visitor monitoring system. We stock a smart card access control scanner with built-in fingerprint reader.

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