Schools can improve standards via small scale PC attendance monitoring

More and more primary schools in England are upping their performance in meeting government academic targets. The latest data shows that in 2012 some 521 schools fell below the expectation for maths and English, compared with 1,310 last year. Of those educational institutions identified as underperforming, 47 had now closed, while 37 had become academies, a government spokesman said. He added that: “Schools have responded to the challenge. The floor standards we introduced were tougher and have improved performance.”

WinTA PC Clock from Tensor is a simple PC based booking system ideal for institutions such as schools where each pupil or employee has access to a PC. WinTA PC Clock will help schools improve their standards because it is an aid in ensuring correct attendance. PC Clock’s analysis module consists of a scaled-down version of the acclaimed Tensor WinTA Lite time and attendance software. As no clocking stations are required, PC Clock remains the best product on the market for small-scale attendance monitoring.

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