Schools can use best product for small scale time and attendance monitoring

National Union of Teachers general secretary Christine Blower commented after new figures revealed 2.5 per cent of school pupils are given fixed term exclusions annually. She said: “It makes far more sense to invest in keeping young people in school rather than having to get them back on track once they have been excluded, or in the worst cases lost to the system.” She said schools need support and extra resources to manage effectively the behavioural problems of pupils.

Tensor can help improve the behaviour of pupils as our time and attendance systems can get them to school on time. Attendance and lateness reporting is our forte. PC Clock is a simple computer based booking system ideal for schools where each pupil has access to a PC. The input screen simply books them ‘in’ and ‘out’. PC Clock is a scaled-down version of Tensor’s acclaimed WinTA Lite time and attendance software. It is the best product on the market for small-scale time and attendance monitoring.

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