Secure skirts prevent pedestrians from walking underneath an automatic barrier

A guide has been published concerning the incidents of crime around universities. The guide is designed to give students the most details yet known about robbery and assaults around places of learning, particularly with tuition fees costing as much as £9,000 per year. The highest crime levels are in inner London, followed by Manchester Metropolitan, Leeds and Manchester. Buckingham, Aberystwyth and Durham have the lowest rates. About one in three students become victims of crime, says the Complete University Guide.

Keeping crime off campus or any other large site is difficult, but at Tensor we believe we have most of the answers. Barrier Skirts are ideal for preventing pedestrians from walking underneath your automatic barrier. Barrier skirts offer the flexibility of a rising arm automatic barrier and the deterrent of a gate, but at a much lower cost. Not only suitable for automatic car park barriers, your barrier skirt can also be fitted to most manual barriers of varying boom lengths.

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