Security log displays who has been going where on a site

Hotels have been hit by tech-savvy burglars. It is suspected thieves are exploiting a lock security bug which enables them to bypass certain electronic door locks. Insurance firms said they expected to take heavy losses as knowledge of the new technique spread among professional thieves. Todd Seiders, a spokesman for Petra Risk Solutions and one of the insurance brokers interviewed by Forbes news service, said: “We're going to get hit hard over the next year.”

Tensor has many cutting-edge crime-busting solutions for a commercial concern or property. A range of equipment, devices and releases can be connected to your security network, which can be operated through its access control software including: alarms and hooters, door locks, door release buttons, electro-magnetic door locks, fingerprint readers and scanners. A log is generated, regardless of whether an access attempt was successful or not, allowing you to see who has been going where on your site. For top level security, biometric scanning devices can be added.

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