Setting specific site access patterns is a fast and easy process with Tensor WinAC.NET

Setting specific access rights for various areas of a company’s site is not exactly the easiest of tasks, but Tensor’s WinAC.NET suite streamlines this process, making it a lot easier for administrators to decide exactly who has the right to access a specific area at any given moment.

Setting specific site access patterns is a fast and easy process with Tensor WinAC.NET image 1

The comprehensive access control solution developed by Tensor features extensive functionality and numerous built-in features, designed to grant administrators an extensive level of control over their facility.

One such very important feature worth pointing out is the possibility to set Site Access Patterns, meaning that administrators will be able to regulate which doors a cardholder may pass through on a particular day.

Every combination of access permissions in operation at your premises will need a corresponding Access Pattern and then, later on, these patterns will be combined into the Site Access Group.

The Access Pattern is limited to the door releases found in a single site. Access to each door release can be granted or denied. Additional permissions, such as the requirement for a PIN number or biometric verification can be applied separately to each door.

It’s also interesting to note that security permissions may be varied throughout the day. To facilitate the configuration of access patterns, selected “generic” patterns can be used as templates for new patterns with additional required doors being added to those contained in the template pattern.

Another important feature, that’s actually related to the previous one, is represented by the Access Control Permissions setting. The base pattern templates are a quick way of creating variants of a core pattern, the daily patterns being used to form groups (either Single or Multi-Site) and also supporting assignment to any individual in the business.

In fact, this feature allows users to set daily patterns that enable the administrator to control any door, at any time of the day. To allow the system to accommodate rapid changes, temporary access groups can be easily assigned to cardholders for specific periods.

If you’d like to find out more about the other useful and reliable features provided by the Tensor WinAC.NET access control suite, just contact us or Book a Demo, we’ll be more than happy to sort out all of your questions and queries.

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