Signature capture tablets for ID verification at point of entry to a building

The case of a man accompanying a ‘solicitor’ has been dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service. The 43-year-old John Evans – who himself posed as a trainee solicitor – and a friend were given passes by police and strolled into the custody suite last year. The duo wanted access because they were seeking to aid another friend who was under arrest. Officers then asked Mr Evans for identification, which he could not produce, a court was told this week.

Tensor can quickly supply a PC-based regime employing digital photographs and signature capture technology for visitors. The system registers visitors on and off site with their photograph taken on arrival using a digital camera. Signature Capture Tablets can be connected to the system so that the signatures of visitors and contractors can be stored at the point of entry to your premises. This signature can be used for verification purposes. These signatures can also be printed on to a visitor pass for added security.

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