Signature capture tablets stop people with bogus ID from entering a premises

A man who helped launder more than £10 million that came from a bogus firm has gone on the run. Michael Voudouri was due to turn up at court to be sentenced last Friday, but failed to appear. He had granted bail despite having a previous conviction for VAT fraud. Voudouri was involved in a company that is said to have made millions by claiming back VAT on fake Europe-wide business transactions in a scam known as carousel fraud.

A Visitor Management System (VMS) from Tensor will stop people with bogus ID from entering your premises. VMS allows Signature Capture Tablets to be connected to the system so that the signatures of visitors and contractors can be stored at the point of entry to your premises. This signature can be used for verification purposes or as proof that the visitor/contractor has read and understood the site’s security policies. These signatures can also be printed on to visitor's pass for added security.

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