Signature capture tablets store signatures of visitors and contractors at a site

Reducing surveillance camera time due to cost concerns in a Devon town has raised security fears.The District Council has said it cannot afford to continue providing off-peak CCTV camera coverage in Newton Abbot. The current budget of £47,000 will only cover the costs of live monitoring through weekday hours. It will cost almost as half again, a sum of £26,000, to provide the additional 22-plus hours for evening and weekends.

Tensor can supply to a business effective Access Control, CCTV and Visitor Monitoring Systems (VMS) which can provide total security coverage. Unlike paper-based systems VMS provides accurate date and time stamped audit trail of visitors and contractors. VMS allows Signature Capture Tablets to be connected to the system so that the signatures of visitors and contractors can be stored at the point of entry to your premises. This signature can be used for verification purposes or as proof that the visitor has read and understood the site’s security policies.

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