Signatures of contractors can be stored at point of entry to premises

Police searches of a council candidate’s home and a fast-food takeaway business he owned revealed copies of forged documents. It was part of the evidence which convicted Cencizham Cerit to 12 months in prison for electoral fraud. He was found guilty of forging the signatures of his tenants to try and win an election in November 2011. Canterbury Crown Court heard Cerit delivered 200 postal vote applications to Ashford Borough Council that contained bogus signatures.

Tensor have developed three versions of our award-winning Visitor Management software, guaranteed to suit all sizes of business. A Visitor Monitoring System (VMS) allows Signature Capture Tablets to be connected to the system so that the signatures of visitors and contractors can be stored at the point of entry to your premises. This signature can be used for verification purposes or as proof that the visitor/contractor has read and understood the site’s security policies. These signatures can also be printed on to visitor's pass for added security.

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