Simple PC clocking system for schools saves resources

The government has reached a landmark of time spent in power – and this has been ‘celebrated’ in an unusual way. The TUC (Trades Union Congress) has listed 100 cuts affecting poor families to mark the coalition's first 100 days. The union organisation gave as examples the cancellation of an expanded free school meal programme and literacy help for children with learning difficulties as evidence that the pain of repaying the huge national deficit was not being equally spread. The TUC is asking for all future Budget cuts to meet a 'fairness test'.

Your company can meet its tight budget, even when cuts are necessary, thanks to Tensor time and attendance systems. After employees clock in with smart cards, with the WinTA Lite software you can view all time and attendance information for an employee or a single department and see when jobs are going over budget. Tensor even offers a specialised and simple PC-based clocking system for schools, WinTA PC Clock. The entry level WinTA Lite is designed to self-install. Alternatively, you can buy engineering or training days from us and we will install the system and train your staff.

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