Simple PC style registering that is suitable for a college

A school was that only recently fully reopened following a £12 million reconstruction after a fire in 2000 was affected by another blaze just after Christmas. The fire ravaged the arts and theatre block of the school near Poole. The school aims to reopen tomorrow (Wednesday, January 9), albeit with a reduced use of space. Pupils had coursework destroyed in the fire which is thought to have been caused by a lightning strike.

There are many options for time and attendance software or systems in Tensor’s unbeatable range. One of these is WinTA PC Clock, a simple PC-based clocking system that is suitable for a school or college. The school or similar educational establishment does not need a new time and attendance network for WinTA PC Clock to be installed. Pupils are simply presented with an input screen on their PC allowing them to register – in a workplace scenario, the input screen would clock a colleague in and out.

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