Single time clock regime ensures company wages are paid on time

The head of a national football league said fresh sanctions would be imposed on Hearts FC if it continued to delay paying its players. The Scottish Premier League (SPL) ordered that the club’s December wages should be paid by January 11, 2012, while interest on all sums overdue from October, November and December wages must also be paid by that date. SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster said: “Today's decision demonstrates how seriously the SPL take late payments of wages to players.”

The WinTA Lite time and attendance system from Tensor will ensure wages are paid on time at your company. WinTA Lite operates a single time clock and can record employee details for up to 250 people. Tensor smart cards and key fobs can be used to operate your time and attendance system. The package includes: WinTA Lite software installation CD, T32xx Clocking Station, 50 Smart Cards (additional cards available on request), a User Manual, a Serial cable for communications to PC and 12 months of free helpdesk support from date of purchase.

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