Site access control regime has a power fail battery backup

A church has suffered thefts so often it has had to replace much of its lead roof with a non-traditional material. The church in Lincolnshire, called St Nicholas, made the drastic steps after it fell victim to four thefts in 2007 alone, and more since then. The price of lead has risen steeply, which has been blamed for the increases in this type of crime. The roof has been covered with plastic sheeting for much of the past four years.

If your site or office is in a vulnerable area Tensor specialise in security access control systems which are at the front line of fighting crime. The complete T3512 Low Cost One Door System utilises cutting-edge .NET PC-based access control software that has everything you need for controlling access through a single door. It enables the easy setup of badge holders and security patterns and features speech output announcing flagged arrivals and security breaches. The expandable system also has a power fail battery backup.

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