Small business workers can book shifts and job costing on one clocking station

Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Kirsty Williams described the draft budget for Wales as a missed opportunity to root out waste in the NHS. Cash for large infrastructure projects like building roads, hospitals and schools are likely to be cut drastically over the coming years, as many planned schemes will be delayed or cancelled. Overall the budget is next year due to fall by £860m and by £1.8bn by 2014-15. The biggest losers are economy and transport and environment, down by more than 21 per cent over three years.

Financial planning by your organisation’s accounts department will be made simpler with clocking technology from Tensor. The WinTA Lite.NET system is designed for smaller companies and takes care of Time & Attendance, Working Time Directive, multiple shifts, flexi time and job costing issues. WinTA Lite operates a single time clock, the versatile T32xx Clocking Station, and can record employee details for up to 250 people. WinTA Lite stores information on up to 1000 production or department jobs. Employees use proximity read smart card or fobs to book time against these jobs.

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