Small scale attendance monitoring product can reduce absenteeism from school

The man dubbed the ‘behaviour tsar’ says parents should pay if their children persistently skip lessons. Charlie Taylor pointed out in his report that of the 127,000 penalty notices issued to parents since their introduction in 2004, around half were unpaid or withdrawn. He added: “Recouping the fines through child benefit, along with other changes to the overall system, will strengthen and simplify the system. It would give head teachers the backing they need in getting parents to play their part.”

A means of fighting regular absenteeism from school is to install an entry-level attendance recording system from Tensor. PC Clock is a simple computer based booking system that allows pupils or employees to accurately record their own individual clocking data. PC Clock’s analysis module consists of a scaled-down version of Tensor's acclaimed WinTA Lite time and attendance software. With many of the features of WinTA Lite included in PC Clock, it remains the best product on the market for small-scale time and attendance monitoring.

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