Smart card access control linked to fire alarm system for safe evacuation of personnel

Eight fire crews are today (Thursday, May 19) attending a massive blaze at a scrapyard on Tyneside. Tyne and Wear Fire Brigade confirmed that surrounding buildings were evacuated after the fire was reported at lunchtime. Smoke from the incident at Byker could be seen as far away as Hartlepool, about 30 miles away. Experts were still trying to ascertain if there are any dangerous chemicals involved, or likely to be reached by the flames.

Contactless smart cards are used to operate Tensor’s time and attendance, access control and visitor monitoring systems which ensure safety at your premises with a range of fire and emergency options. The T3510 is the ultimate Smart Card Access Control system for doors and barriers. It enables one to four-door access control; and linked together it can control up to 128 doors from one PC. The T3510 has a volt-free input that can be wired directly into your fire alarm system. When the alarm is activated, all doors immediately open for a quick and safe evacuation of personnel.

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