Smart Card Access Control Systems and Clocking In Machines

Smart Card Access Control Systems and Clocking In Machines

Access Control Security and Attendance Management are crucial to guarantee the security of your businesses and to manage your employees. This can be done using biometric systems, such as facial recognition systems, fingerprint biometrics or smart cards.

This article sets out to explain the main features of our Smart Cards and Key Fobs and how you can exploit them for your employee time clocks and your door access control.

Smart Cards and Key Fobs

Tensor’s Smart Cards and Key Fobs are contactless tools used for time clocks and Access Control Security. They both utilise Radio Frequency reading technology which ensures that no external conditions, such as dust or rain, can interfere with the successful reading of the Smart Card / Key Fob. Access control readers and clocking in machines transfer a 125 Hz frequency field, which is collected by aerials in smart cards.

Our Smart Cards are both easy to carry, as they have the size of a credit card, and secure, since the over 30 billion different combinations of ID numbers make duplication very difficult. Furthermore, our product portfolio includes the ID Badge Designer, which will enable you to design photo ID badges

Access Control brochure

Smart Card Access Control System

Our Smart Card Access Control System is a reliable and user friendly system for contactless access control of people within your site. Some features of Tensor’s Smart Card Readers are:

Smart Card Access Control Systems
  • As they do not have batteries, they can run endlessly
  • The RF reading technology permits to read cards in purses, wallets and handbags
  • The numerous colours to adapt to different colours of buildings
  • The audio and visual LED indication of card reading
  • A read range of up to 125 mm

Clocking System

A Tensor’s Clocking Machine, such as a T32xx range, is a Time and Attendance Solution which will massively increase the quality of your employee and visitor management. In addition to time and attendance solutions, clocking machines include:

  • Absence reason codes
  • Cost of jobs
  • Job booking
  • Fire roll call
  • Working patterns rules
  • Labour hours analysis
Smart Card Time and Attendance
Time and Attendance

For more information regarding our Smart Cards and to learn more about how they can be used for your Access Control as well as Time and Attendance, please do not hesitate to book a demo with us or get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

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