Smart card clocking accurately records pay to prevent disputes

Inequality of pay has been smoothed over by BT following the possibility of industrial action. The chief executive, Ian Livingston, saw his bonus more than triple last year, taking his total pay package, including shares, above £3m – while the workforce were initially offered a 2% pensionable pay rise from April 2010 and a 3% rise from January 2011. The union had previously demanded a 5% rise for 2010/11 alone. The company had also offered lump sum payments worth up to £500 for each team member but these have now been removed given the revised 3% terms agreed over 39 months.

Using Tensor’s Time and Attendance computerised smart card clocking regime, however, your company can ensure all pay rates, shifts and other complicated wage matters are all streamlined and accurately recorded to prevent any disputes. With the software, among other features, you can view all time and attendance information for an employee or a single department; or quickly find the details you need with the ability to sort on any column or perform a surname search at the touch of a button.

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