Smart card clocking system produces fully costed job analysis

A new study by MPs dealing with the public accounts has questioned if ministers and their departments can come up with the savings required from the public purse. The Members’ body said: "The inability of departments to improve value for money in a time of increasing budgets casts doubts on government's ability to reduce costs now while minimising the impact on front-line services." It also noted with alarm “the implication from Treasury that it will simply reduce departments' budgets and then walk away from responsibility for the delivery of the level of savings required.”

Tensor can help your or firm improve its efficiency performance with our state of the art time and attendance monitoring software which handles all hours calculations and payroll matters. Information on up to 1000 production or department jobs can be stored by the time and attendance software. WinTA has a familiar WindowsTM interface, providing quick and easy access to information. Employees book time against jobs via smart cards to produce a fully costed analysis and break down of time spent on each one.

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