Smart card security has range of access profiles for door locks

The National Probation Service says that re-offending rates can be reduced from 50 to 35 per cent if criminals take part in schemes such as those used to treat drug and alcohol addiction. But the trade union and campaigning group, which represents more than 9,000 probation and family court staff throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland, predicts that the number of successfully completed schemes will fall if government departmental cuts proceed as planned because the service will lose experienced staff. "This will increase re-offending rates and create more victims," said the group more commonly known as Napo.

Tensor security technology is an effective method of preventing break-ins and other crimes at your factory or site. We supply and install many access control, site car park barrier and visitor monitoring ID pass software and systems. Smooth and efficient access is provided by your Tensor smart card system, which creates an array of access profiles for any door lock or access point. At the same time it maintains complete security and allowing you to control the movement and identification of contractors, visitors, and their vehicles.

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