Smart cards are fastest method of recording attendance

Chairman of Devon and Cornwall Police Federation Nigel Rabbitts, when discussing the effects of an employment freeze in his force, said: "In a large geographical area like Devon and Cornwall [it] will be difficult." Mr Rabbitts said savings could be made by reducing the number of community support officers and by staff working on special in-house projects such as IT procurement. He added: "Around 82 per cent of the police budget is spent on wages so if they're looking for cuts it's the obvious place to start."

Tensor is an expert in technology which helps personnel departments be more efficient and save money by handling all your Time and Attendance needs in one system. Tensor’s contactless smart cards, key fobs, or fingerprint biometrics provide the fastest and safest method of recording attendance. There are numerous extra software features that can be implemented on your time and attendance system to take into account diversity with working rules between different organisations, like creating different shifts and pay grades. A range of output styles let you export to web pages, spreadsheets or as simple text files.

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