Smart cards are the clocking solution to win your vote

Police had to be called in at least four places and voters staged sit-ins in protest at being denied their right to vote in the spring general election. In some cases local polling stations were said to have run out of ballot papers, while in others they were unable to get all those who wanted to vote into booths in time. There were reports of voters being turned away in many towns and cities (including Sheffield, Birmingham and Liverpool). According to the Electoral Commission, at least 1,200 people lost their votes on May 6. This is probably an underestimate because it is based on figures provided by returning officers and does not include Liverpool.

Tensor company Time and Attendance UK's state of the art smart card and biometric systems and software are guaranteed to meet your time and attendance requirements. Up to 15 times faster than equivalent swipe card technology, smart cards are the clocking solution to win your vote. The inbuilt report generator makes it simple to get both real-time and archived information. Fingerprint recognition systems, which provide irrefutable identification of an employee or visitor, are also available to compliment the smart cards.

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