Smart cards can stay in a wallet to be scanned to ensure quicker throughput

A pub has installed a swipe card machine that can be used to dispense beer when it is busy. Landlord at the South Yorkshire establishment Dave Barron says measures are in place so that customers could not abuse the system and staff could monitor issues such as drunkenness. “The machine is in full view of staff at all times, and there’s also a method of blocking a particular card, so if anyone has had too much, we can block that card,” Mr Barron commented.

All Tensor smart cards or key fobs for time & attendance and access control systems use the same well-proven RF (Radio Frequency) reading technology. This is much quicker than equivalent swipe card clocking technology – sometimes up 15 times faster. Smart cards from Tensor have no battery, thus theoretically they can be read an infinite number of times. Our most popular smart card is the T1305, and the RF technology means it can stay in a wallet or purse to be scanned, thus ensuring quicker throughput.

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