Smart cards have 34 billion different ID combinations

The authorities have reacted to accusations by a Hampshire councillor official that signs put up intended to deter crime are like Big Brother. Cllr Luke Stubbs, who represents Eastney and Craneswater, said: “There's also an economic issue to consider. Placing these intimidating signs on a main road suggests crime is out of control. We should not be saying to visitors ‘stay away, it's too dangerous’." A spokesperson said the signs placed by the Safer Portsmouth Partnership were based on police intelligence.

Having a product installed by the Tensor group of security companies gives you cause to rest easy. We only deal in the highest quality access control systems, which are operated by smart cards. Integrity of the cards is impeccable: with up to 34 billion different combinations of ID number, there is no chance of duplication. In addition, each ID number has built-in security and integrity checks ensuring that it cannot be misread. You can build a complete network featuring complete electronic door and barrier access control, plus biometric fingerprinting and digital CCTV technology which detects, deters and prevents intrusion on your site.

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