Smart cards meet security needs if police resources cut

Police spending cuts could hamper the fight against crime in England and Wales, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary has warned. The Chief Inspector said a "total redesign" of how officers work, such as shift patterns, could save 12%. He said further cuts would hit police availability "unless it was prioritised over everything else". The analysis of the future of policing comes in a joint report from the Chief Inspector, Sir Denis O'Connor, the Audit Commission (which covers England) and the Wales Audit Office – just as spending on policing faces a drop by a quarter in national debt-busting measures.

Tensor can provide your organisation with a sophisticated access control system guaranteed to improve your security requirements if police resources are cut. Access Lite is the entry-level package of our range of proven Windows™ based access control systems which bar entry to unauthorised personnel. It comprises a complete smart card access control system, and includes sophisticated software for monitoring access patterns, alarm status, and detecting forced entries. It is ideal for smaller companies with less than 250 employees or made up of many small sites, and comes with 50 smart cards.

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