Software enables easy auditing of clocking transactions made by employees

Ongoing talks are being held between London Underground and the unions over pay covering next summer’s Olympic Games, and a deal similar to one previously agreed with railway workers is set to be struck. Underground representatives are likely to ask for at least £500 for workers during the event. London Mayor Boris Johnson said Tube strikes during the games will be “very unlikely,” adding: "We are having our pay rounds now which are progressing well and we need to get that right.”

The time and attendance software for all Tensor systems gives your organisation total control over pay, hours and clocking issues. Many daily working patterns (shifts) can be created, with either fixed or flexitime rules. These can run past midnight, making night shifts simple to define. Overtime is easily monitored, as our software has lots of standard analysis and viewing screens which enable you to approve and audit clocking transaction made by employees. Hours worked by employee, shift or department can be instantly checked; as can core-time violations.

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