Software predicts most appropriate shift depending on when an employee starts work

A city council said it will put an extra £1 million towards staff salaries so a pay cut can be marginally reduced. Southampton City Council has been in a protracted dispute with unions – who have rejected the new deal – over new contracts forcing council workers earning more than £17,500 to take a pay cut of up to 5.5%. Bin and toll collectors, parking officers, street cleaners and library staff have all been on strike during the past three months.

Details of contracts and pay should not be an issue at a company which uses hours calculation, absence planning and payroll Time and Attendance software and systems from Tensor. Our most comprehensive systems, WinTA Enterprise and WinTAnet, can supply working rules to calculate the correct result in matters of flexitime, night shifts, overtime and annual contracts. Work patterns are a combination of daily rules that are either a repeating pattern of shifts or a list of alternative rules. Here, WinTA will predict the most appropriate shift depending on when an employee starts work.

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