Sophisticated employment software ensures minimum rest periods are taken

UK Border Agency (UKBA) officers raided a Tesco property and discovered its staff were breaching the terms of their work visas. The UKBA found that foreign nationals were working longer hours than their visas allowed at the South London warehouse, which supplies groceries for online customers. UKBA officers arrested 20 workers who were mostly of Indian and Bangladeshi origin. These people were perfectly legally entitled to work in the UK but could only do so for 20 hours a week.

All Tensor time and attendance systems come complete with sophisticated software to help your company meet the requirements of the EU Working Time Directive, plus other employment rules. The EU Working Time Directive provides a complex set of employment rules and regulations that govern the number of hours an employee can work. Tensor provides companies with an accurate method of recording their staff’s hours and breaks for payroll, job costing and legislation purposes. For example, the software ensures minimum rest periods are taken.

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