Sophisticated HR system enables employees to earn bonus payments

A teacher was mistakenly paid more than £80,000 after she moved away to work. The woman was not punished after a conduct hearing heard her husband opened all her mail and totally controlled her financial affairs. The General Teaching Council for Scotland committee also found that Bernadine Hunter had not personally benefited from the money, which appeared to have been kept by her husband. Mrs Hunter left Glasgow in 2006 but continued to be paid for more than two years.

Mistakes in payroll will be significantly reduced at your organisation with an advanced Tensor time and attendance network. WinTAnet will provide you with total control over your operation. All frequently used methods of hours calculation are handled by WinTAnet. It includes settings to separate ‘worked time’ into different overtime rates; it handles night shift working; and inserts unpaid breaks if employees do not clock them. The system allows you to create a series of shift premium rules that enable employees to earn bonus payments under special circumstances.

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