Sparkling visitor booking console for companies lacking a front desk

A group of demonstrators, many wearing Guy Fawkes masks, marched on Parliament yesterday evening to mark the traditional date of Bonfire Night. Ten people were arrested but police said the demonstration was largely peaceful. The anti-capitalist protesters included activists from the Anonymous and Occupy movement, and their march echoed the ending of the film V for Vendetta in which a crowd dressed in Guy Fawkes masks rose up against an authoritarian government.

Sparkling Access Control Systems and Visitor Management Systems (VMS) for all manner of buildings are the stock-in-trade of Tensor. Companies that do not have a front desk receptionist can take advantage of the VMS Unmanned Reception Console. The console is operated via touch screen technology only, therefore no mouse or keyboard is needed. Here, visitors with appointments can book themselves in and out and the back office can contact their host upon their arrival. This can be done manually or the host can be automatically notified by email.

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