Spoken alerts to supervisors via on screen agents when flagged workers clock in

A committee chaired by Prime Minister David Cameron this (Tuesday) morning decided to issue more than one thousand additional armed personnel amid continued concern about Olympic security staffing levels. London Organising Committee (Locog) chief executive Paul Deighton said: “The reason that this decision has been taken is just to absolutely de-risk any aspect of the operation… with three days to go.” The extra troops, who had been on 48 hours’ notice, were called up before the weekend.

Tensor can provide all manner and sizes of companies with automated clocking and access control systems that inform management when staffing or rostering levels are short. The proactive system keeps you abreast of events by automatically emailing or SMS text messaging both employees and system users. Examples of this function include supervisor notification when flagged employees clock in. Using speakers attached to a PC or to Tensor’s audio distribution network, spoken alerts are heard in a variety of voices and on screen ‘agents’ (similar to the Microsoft paperclip).

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