Tensor Self-Service Visitor Monitoring App (SSVM) Update - Version 3.0.8

Self-Service Visitor Monitoring App (SSVM) Update - Version 3.0.8

New Features & Enhancements

New Tablet Theme Setting - A new Tablet Theme Setting has been added to ‘Hide Previously visited page’. If the 'Hide Previously Visited Page' theme setting is enabled, the app will now go to the 'New Visitor' page when the user selects a host.

A new ‘Ad-hoc Appointment – Show Core Details Only’ option has been added in this version. This option will allow the App to hide the majority of fields on the 'Tell us about yourself' page. If the theme option is enabled. Only 'First Name', 'Last Name' and 'Company' are visible. (this only applies with single companies).


A fault was found when trying to check in visiting employees with a QR Code after they had submitted a questionnaire. A new checking method has been added that determines if a questionnaire has been completed.

Version Incompatibility – An issue was found when using the app with the latest Tensor.NET version of 4.5.x.x, some of the features were found to not work or the wrong WS methods were being used. Controls for the 4.5 versions have been added in this version.

DHCP Connections – The device name was not being populated in the settings screen for IOS devices and as a result the DHCP connection details could not be selected. The App has been changed to use the capacitor's Device plugin instead which now returns the name correctly.

Playing Videos – Uploaded videos used in the Check IN/OUT forms were found to not play correctly, this was due to an incompatibility issue with the new app versions, the video modules have been updated in this version.

Theme Colouring – A problem with the ‘Change Language’ option button was found to not be visible when changing the theme text colour to white has now been resolved.

Visitors Checking in ‘Late’ Messages – When a visitor checks in late for an appointment and that appointment had been cancelled by the host, the display message was found to be short and not enough time to read, this time has been increased.

Checking in with QR Codes – A problem has been fixed when trying to check IN with QR codes. The QR code was recognised by the SSVM app but showed and error message for Visitor identification is not being valid or has expired, even though the requirement for this was switched off.

Check IN/OUT Forms – A number of issues have been found and fixed with the check IN/OUT forms.

  • Deleting Check IN forms – A problem was found after deleting check IN forms. After deleting them, they were found to still be selectable from the Tablet theme page, this has now been fixed so they no longer show.
  • Signature Page – When not entering a signature and just clicking ‘Next’, the title and error message was hidden and has now been restored.
  • Skipping Questions - After answering a question with a valid answer and then selecting Skip to > End form an error message was being displayed rather than asking the user to answer questions.

Adhoc Appointments – A couple of issues have been found with the Adhoc appointments.

  • When either checking IN or OUT for appointments, you generally have to search for your name. A fault was found when entering either a space or a single letter and it would return all the results, this has now been resolved so only returns the filtered text.
  • When using a check IN form that had no questions populated, a form skipped as expected but then produced an error at the confirmation page.
  • Companies that were marked as ‘Exclude from MCVS’ in the main application were still showing in this list.

New Screen Scrolling options added in Android – It has been noted in a number of screens within the app that when calling on the pop up keyboard, this then obscures some of the page. Without the ability to scroll, this makes certain elements difficult to see/use.

Message text change – A couple of changes have been made to some of the displayed messages.

  • The message for when an appointment is ‘On-Hold’ and if a visitor tried to scan a QR Code again was wrong. A new message has been added to say they are ‘On Hold’.
  • Scanning a QR code for a new Visitor to Check OUT who never checked IN, the wrong error message was being displayed, this has been changed to "You are not checked into your appointment”.

‘Invalid Answer’ changes – When using Check IN forms, the yes/no questions automatically proceed to the next question once an option is selected. If the answer was invalid, the Visitor would be automatically exited from the questionnaire, even if clicked in error. If an invalid answer is now selected, a warning message will be displayed, and then the questionnaire will only exit if the user still clicks 'Next Question' while the invalid option is selected. This now allows the user to accidentally select the invalid option but change their selection if needed.

Vehicle Registrations – A number of changes have been made to this page:

  • A maximum character length of '10' has been introduced
  • A fault was found where the page never appeared when checking IN with a QR code, changes have been made to check to see if the vehicle page should be displayed after scanning a QR code.
  • Multiple Appointments – Vehicle Registration Page displays every time visitors check IN for the same appointment. This is only expected when Visitor checks IN for the first time. If the Visitor is now ‘IN’, the app will skip the vehicle registration form.

Taking Photos – A problem linked to IOS 15.7 has been fixed where the picture taken was just a blank screen. The Cordova plugin that was causing the issue has been updated to the newer version.

Customer Resolutions

A request has been made to change the amount of time it takes to return to the home screen after a visitor has signed out on the MCVS tablet, changes have been made to speed up the checking out process.

‘Tell us about yourself” – A problem was reported where the ‘Submit’ button was covered up on the 'Tell us about yourself' page when a text field was focused. A new ‘Submit’ button at the top of the screen has been added similar to the questionnaire pages. In addition, the ‘Company you’re visiting’ has been changed so it sorts alphabetically.

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