Staff can view their absence calendar and make holiday requests

There will not be much Christmas cheer for thousands of public sector workers. This is because warning letters have begun to hit doormats around the UK as councils and other services serve legal notice of cuts. Nearly all local authorities have until March 31 next year to start making savings and by law have to give staff 90 days' notice. The GMB union estimates 87,374 posts are under threat so far at 107 UK councils, where budgets have had to be cut as a result of central government initiating measures to tackle the national deficit.

WinTA Net is Tensor’s comprehensive integrated Time and Attendance and security management system which handles all wages, hours and clocking issues at your company. Its on-line self service module allows employees or contractors to view or change their personal information via an Internet browser. Access to the self-service module is username and password protected. After a successful login, staff can view their absence calendar and make holiday requests. They can also add or amend any of their clockings, to be authorised subsequently.

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