Staff clocking station works independently of PC if it fails

Birmingham City Council is understood to be earmarking its museum and art gallery, above, for job cuts as it needs to save £75 million. Widely regarded as Britain's largest local authority, it plans to shed up 2,000 jobs, freeze staff pay and reduce services in this financial round, which is held to be a taste of cuts to come in council budgets nationwide. Council leader, Mike Whitby, said: "All the forecasts indicate the next few years will be tough. Quite simply we have to do more for less."

A complete system for calculating wages, bonuses, pay and shifts is WinTA Enterprise, which is Tensor’s flagship Windows™ based time and attendance product for businesses. It provides total control over working rules, job costing and system security. The T32xx Clocking Station works independently of the PC, if the PC is switched off or fails. It has digital outputs to control door locks, fire alarms, wall clocks, and much more. Automatic fault reporting via the Internet is another one of its myriad features.

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