Standard burglar alarm connects directly to office access scanner

Prison authorities are feeling the backlash over using Monmouthshire inmates to fill nearby vacancies. The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that 23 prisoners were working at a Cardiff office, but said they were filling vacant posts. A Prison Service spokesman said: “Prison Service rules are very clear: prisoners employed by outside companies cannot replace existing staff. They can only fill genuinely vacant posts.” Furthermore, 40 per cent of the open prisoners’ earnings at the call centre go to a victims’ fund.

If your office wants the sophistication and speed of smart card access control, but do not wish to use a PC, then this Tensor equipment is for you. The T3510 Low Cost 4 Scanner Controller is programmed with up to three Master Cards using feedback LED’s and switches. This offers the user a quick and easy method of adding or removing access rights for individuals. Any standard burglar alarm can be connected directly to the T3510 so an audible and/or visual alert is immediately triggered from a forced entry.

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