Step up commercial premises security with facial recognition system

A shoplifter banned from every Sainsbury’s supermarket in the country succeeded in finding employment – working in a Sainsbury's supermarket. Vishal Patel was given the punishment for stealing alcohol last year. However he had been employed at the same store where he committed the offence. A statement from the firm said he had failed to inform them of his conviction; while Mr Patel explained: “All I wanted was a chance. I won’t ever steal again.”

Step up security protocols at commercial premises with Tensor’s facial recognition system for the ultimate in Access Control and user authentication applications. Powered by proprietary system design and proven near-infrared facial recognition technologies, it provides superior accuracy and reliability over other facial recognition systems. Near-infrared-based facial recognition technology reduces the interference emitted from an object or the background that may affect recognition accuracy. It also provides superior performance and accuracy over colour-based facial recognition. Contact us for a demonstration of our Access Control products.

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